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Our Services

Our Services

Posner Metals provides a vital collection service to many of the organizations that sell us their scrap metal. Any organization that routinely discards or needs to remove small or large amounts of recyclable metal can benefit from an ongoing working relationship with us. Depending on the requirements and situation we will place our specialized collection boxes at your facility. When these containers are full, we send our specialized “scrap” handling equipment – often a roll-off or lugger truck to collect them and replace them with empty containers. We can also provide equipment like tipper bins, tote boxes, oil-containment devices and other specialized equipment. As well we are happy to provide a consultative service to determine best practices based on your needs. Our staff can show organizations how to increase the value of your recyclables and how to maximize revenue through better handling and sorting.

After scrap metal is collected, it arrives at our recycling facility in Hamilton, Ontario, where it’s unloaded and sorted and graded. It’s a very exacting process that requires metal testing equipment and experienced staff that know how to handle metal in ways that are safe for our operators and the environment. Then it goes through preparation and packaging stages. Ultimately, the scrap metal we collect becomes our ‘product’, which we can sell to our many customers, for reuse in metal manufacturing in smelters and foundries.

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