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Sell Scrap for Cash

Sell Scrap

Posner Metals’ public retail services make selling your ferrous, non-ferrous and E-Scrap/waste an easy and profitable process. Over 4 decades in the business, we’ve built a reputation for competitive prices and convenient, courteous service. What makes our safe and well-equipped facility the place to sell scrap metal for cash? Hamilton, Burlington & Niagara-area residents know that at Posner Metals they will find:

  • Best prices on metal in Hamilton
  • Always competitive prices
  • Trusted metal company for over 40 years
  • Accuracy of weights
  • Family-friendly facility
  • Treats always available for kids and pets
  • Quickest in & out time / quickest drop-off
  • Saturday hours, open 7 AM to 12 noon
  • Non-Ferrous warehouse – Don’t stand in the wind, snow or rain when dropping off your metals; our roofed facility ensures your safety and comfort.

Don’t Know What Your Metals Are? Accurate Analysis & Weighing

Posner’s staff are trained and have years of experience grading all metal materials. If the metal you bring in is difficult to grade because of its complex chemical makeup, we have a Niton analyzer to examine exactly what type of material you are selling.

Our yard has material handler cranes, front end loaders and forklifts to safely help unload any heavy items from your vehicle. We have professionally trained employees working to ensure your safety in the yard. To give our customers the service they deserve we work to make sure that you understand how we are grading your materials and that you are clear on what you are selling before you sell it.

Only two things are needed to begin making money from scrap: (1) a vehicle to carry it and (2) any metal material you can collect. If you have any questions regarding scrap prices or materials please give us a call at 1-800-295-1881.

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