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Cars 4 Cures at 1-844-584-2873 to Donate Your Vehicle

Is your old car too expensive to repair or not worth trading in? Would you like to see that old car do some good for Canadian charities? Cars 4 Cures has partnered with Posner Metals to help you donate to worthwhile organizations including Make-A-Wish Canada, 541 Eatery & Exchange, Rethink Breast Cancer, Speaking of Dogs Rescue and several others. A tax receipt will be issued for your donation by the charity of your choice.

Car Donation Made Convenient

Donating your vehicle couldn’t be easier. Just call Cars 4 Cures at 1-844-584-2873 and we will arrange for pickup within 48 hours. Towing is free and you don’t even need to be there when we come to pick up the vehicle – simply leave your keys and documentation of ownership in the glove compartment.

Any Car Can Be Donated

That’s right. We’ll take any car, even those with extensive collision damage or mechanical problems. You will receive a tax receipt for the maximum value, at the time of booking, guaranteed. Once we get it at Cars 4 Cures, we’ll figure out whether it can be resold, harvested for parts or processed for scrap – and give the proceeds to the charity of your choice.

Want to learn more about car donation? Visit the Cars 4 Cures website or call Cars 4 Cures today!

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Donate Your Car! It’s Fast and Easy

Just call Cars 4 Cures at
1-844-584-2873 to book pickup within 24 to 48 hours.